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are you need

Neediness in a relationship is not normally a good thing. In fact, being too needy can cause relationships to fall apart. For those dealing with a needy person, they can see it as immature, making them question the worth of the relationship.

Now, to some extent, neediness exists in all relationships. Of course, there is a difference in the types of neediness and understanding these differences is important. Understand, it is alright to need something out of a relationship, but it is completely different if the neediness is used as a tool to maintain control or affect behaviour.

While there is a limit to what is acceptable, understanding if you are too needy in a relationship will help you determine if the relationship is healthy or not.

The Insecurity Neediness

Relationships do not start with open hearts and trust. While everyone would love to believe this is the case, they do not work like this. Relationships start out with two people who know very little about one another. They know enough to want to be together, but that is it.

As they grow the relationship and develop as a couple, their hearts open and trust begins to develop. In this time, they start feeling closer and more comfortable with the other person. This is the way relationships tend to mature.

are you need

In the early stages of a relationship, insecurity is going to exist. This is normal. However, if the relationship takes a while to develop, that insecurity might become magnified. One part of a couple may feel the need for reassurance, to know that there is love and a future. They want answers and they want to make sure that there is some level of security within the relationship. This is a normal reaction in any relationship.

Continued Neediness

No relationship is immune to some level of neediness. Again, all relationships are built on some type of neediness. However, some neediness is not healthy for the relationship. Take, for instance, continued neediness.

This type of need is built on insecurity in the relationship. It develops from a lack of trust or commitment from one or both parties. Generally, it is a sign that the relationship is not built on a solid foundation and therefore causes security issues. Both parties are generally seeking reassurance that their time is being used properly, especially when it comes to their relationship. If they are questioning their appropriation of time, then this type of neediness begins to show.

It is not healthy and can ultimately destroy a relationship. This type of neediness should be addressed quickly to avoid negative feelings, which could destroy the relationship altogether.

Negative Neediness

Again, the desire to hear, “I love you”, “I want you” and “Everything will be okay” is not a problem. Needing simple reassurances throughout the day, weeks, and years are not a problem.

What is a problem is when it is necessary to help them feel safe when it has to happen or they question everything. If there is a need for constant talk, constant knowledge of the partner’s whereabouts, restrictions based on fears, then it has become negative.

If you fall into this category of negative neediness, then you are definitely too needy and you need to figure out what is causing this need. Until you do, there is nothing that will help your current relationship. Take the time now to assure you have a healthy future. If you do not fall into this category, then pay attention that you do not accidentally fall into the neediness trap in the future.

Healthy relationships exist, and they satisfy a need. However, they don’t fix negative needs and they never will.

Reviving a Flagging Relationship

Every relationship experiences rough times when dating but that doesn’t mean that the relationship has to end. There are ways that you can get your relationship back on the right track and enjoy the time that you have together instead of just tossing the relationship away.

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The two of you will have to make changes in your relationship in order for the relationship to change. If one of you isn’t a good listener then that person needs to focus more on listening and hearing what their partner is saying. For the partner that does all of the talking, they may need to think about the things that they are saying before speaking. Sometimes something as simple as the approach that a person takes can make drastic and positive changes in a relationship.

Set time aside for just the two of you, have dinner together without friends or relatives so that it is just the two of you. Do nice things for each other, they don’t have to be expensive or extravagant things. Simple things will make a big impact on relationships such as picking up a favourite dessert, scheduling an unexpected lunch date or just spontaneously suggesting to see a film that you have both wanted to see.

Share the power, one partner shouldn’t hold all of the power in the relationship. Hoarding power is a certain way of causing a relationship to self destructs. In order to make the relationship more of a team effort decisions should be made by both partners whether it’s deciding on where to eat, trips to take or even financial matters. For the partner that has been hoarding the power, he or she may find that they are more relaxed in the relationship when they aren’t making all of the decisions. Sharing power and responsibilities can make a dating relationship much more enjoyable and stress-free.

Passing judgment on your partner can also cause tension in the relationship. Before judging your partner examine how important the issue is that you are having a problem with. You will find that many times it really isn’t that big of an issue and by letting it go you can avoid a lot of heartaches. Serious issues need to be discussed with both partners talking and listening to the other partner.

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In a dating relationship, you may find that spending too much time together isn’t the answer to your problems. The two of you may find that you don’t need to spend every waking moment together in order to strengthen your relationship. You both need to be able to have your own identities and do the things that you enjoy doing even if it’s not with each other. It’s alright for him to go to the ballgame with his buddies and for you to go to the mall with your girlfriends. Meeting up later will give you the opportunity to talk about your days and enjoy each others company in good spirits.

Dating can be difficult if one partner is too demanding or too controlling. Keep your relationship fresh and positive so that it is more enjoyable for both of you.

Telephone Dating At It’s Best

Online Dating

No one wants to live alone, everybody deserves someone special but it is very difficult to just confront somebody you see in a pub or bar. That is why online dating has become a very popular medium to meet someone special for yourself, but a lot of the time this quest for finding the perfect person for yourself ends in disappointment because there are tons of fake profiles and most of the people are not what their profile reflects. So now finally a new concept has been introduced which is far more effective and you can reach that someone special simply and directly through the phone.

Telephone Dating

Yes, now there is no need to be insecure and you can be directly involved with a telephone conversation and waste a little time to find the perfect match for yourself. This dating is gaining immense popularity as many single find their perfect match within minutes of telephone talk. All you need is a small profile that would showcase your personality and then you can wait for someone to reach you or you can call anyone after browsing through the profiles. The numbers give you access into the lives of the person who are single and ready to meet new people from their neighbourhood.

So now there is a ray of light for all the lonely people who thought that they would never find someone, the telephone dating has brought happiness to many lonely hearts. You never know where your simple telephone dating will take you and you never know maybe you will end up being really serious with the person you met. It’s time to think positive and believe in your destiny because there is a special someone for you that may be just a single call away. All those people who have been using the online dating for years and never finding that special someone need to shift to telephone dating because with this dating your chances to meet someone have increased quite dramatically.

Now you just go to a website and all the names and numbers will be right in front of you, so all you have to do is browse from your favorite names and look for the person that matches your personality. Can it get any easier? This telephone dating will make you feel like you are talking to an old friend rather than talking to a stranger, because when you have the number it feels personal. Now the gloomy days are over where you would waste tons of days just figuring out if the other person is indeed what he says on the profile, with phone dating all this can be accomplished within few minutes.

Online Dating

All you people who have been waiting for someone special to show up at the doorstep need to turn their computers on and visit the telephone dating site to get instant access to all the numbers and people from their local area. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to forget the past and find that someone special to start a new life.

How to Flirt on the Phone

Flirting on the phone

Many guys tend to focus majorly on getting that number, but fail in preparing for the conversation that happens after the exchange of numbers. After getting the chat and date numbers, it is important to keep the girl more interested during conversations over the phone in order to avoid losing her attention. The conversation is pretty challenging since there is no room for expressions or reactions, it is therefore imperative that you flirt excellently. The following is a piece of guide that can help you to project your little confidence and help you master the art of phone flirting.

Flirting on the Phone

Come up with an interesting topic; have in mind what you want to flirt about. This provides ammunition to flirt with whoever you may wish. The topic should be compelling and very interesting in order to avoid boredom. It should be enjoyable to the both of you, and about something that interests you and keeps the attention throughout the conversational period. For instance, you can start by asking how the day was, build up on some of the points you pick from that, you can talk about family, friends and relatives among others if you are close to each other.

It is very important that you avoid any form of distraction. Avoid watching TV, or reading a novel, book, newspaper during the conversation. Introduce some of the past intimate experiences or scenarios both of you have shared. The more you talk about this, the more the person will think of the experience. If you are flirting with a girl, be a little cocky! Girls tend to be curious and want to gauge your smartness, sexiness and whether you are funny. Ensure that you pronounce words sexily to arouse the person when you are flirting. Sometimes, sexy voices on the phone can sound stupid, therefore, laugh more than anything!

With a soft voice, whisper compliments during the conversation. For guys, you can comment on the quality of the sweet voice or the cute giggle she has. Compliment on her hobbies, and how fashionable she is with her dressing. Use a low-tone voice to force her attention to what you are saying and keep her interested to hear more of what you have. Repeat the compliment if she asks what you said with confidence.

Ensure that your conversation is not dry; integrate the flirt with a couple of jokes, and lots of them! With this, the person gets to know that you are fun to hang around with and would always want to be with you. Call her out on some things; for instance, if she likes red, make a comment that she wore that to get attention, and no wonder you went on asking for her number! Do not insult him/her on a mistake, rather, tease him/her about it.

Flirting on the phone

Put some soft music in the background to aid you in the flirt, and find out their favorite song so as to put in the future conversations, this can be very sweet. Make positive comments such as; “talking over the phone is pretty nice, but it would be heavenly to see you in person”. Make sure that you make regular calls just to say hello.

Why Do We Fall In Love?


As human beings, we have all been designed to love and to express our feelings for the opposite sex. According to Groucho Marx, it is better to have loved and lost that feeling than not to have loved at all. The feeling of love is something indescribable, something unique, beyond words. People who spend a lifetime storing riches in this life but have never experienced love are considered the poorest souls that ever lived on this planet.

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The Chemistry Behind it all

At one point in life, most of us have experienced what it means to fall in love. We have experience that breathtaking feeling that makes us give up everything we possess in order to help the other feel fine, secured, appreciated, adored, respected and loved.

Many scientists believe that love is more than just an emotion. They claim that love is a drug, affecting the same brain reward circuits that are affected by heroin and cocaine. Pastors and preachers believe that love comes from God, because God is love. Since we were made in His image, we have some of the traits of His personality remaining in us. One of these traits is the amazing feeling of love.


There are many reasons why people fall in love. Here are some of the most important reasons why we love passionately and eternally.

1. We Want to Expand Beyond Ourselves

The first reason why we let love take a hold of us is quite simple, and has to deal with improving our abilities and expanding the self. We usually fall in love with a person we feel attracted to, but also to someone that loves us back. This creates a unique bridge between us that enables both partners to change information and ideas. Ultimately, both of them discover new things they’ve never known before which makes their universe expand.

2. Because of Our Hormones

That sensation when your mouth goes dry and your heart pounds is unmistakable. There is a scientific cause behind that – hormones. Dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin all work together to let you enjoy that feeling. Take a look at this post to learn more about the connection between “love hormones” and falling in love.

3. Companionship

Another reason we fall in love is because we simply need to communicate with other persons and we have that need of intimacy. The strongest relations and marriages have started between two very good friends who started dating just out of the desire to find a companion.

4. To Raise Kids Together

Love is also a lifetime commitment, a strong mechanism that encourages two human beings to connect in order to have a family and raise their own children. Love is a very powerful motivator to help people start their own families and grow old together.

Why do we fall in love? We want to learn new things, enjoy a lifetime companion, have a family, have sex and enjoy the pleasures of life with the right person beside us.

What Makes A Brilliant Live Chat Room

When it comes to finding an amazing live chat room to join, there are several important features to look for. Foremost among these is a setting that is specific to the interests of the visiting demographic. This helps to ensure that people can engage in dialogue with like-minded individuals and without the intrusion of those who have very little of value to contribute to the conversation, if anything at all.

Finding A Live Chat Room That Is Right For You

With this in mind, novice chat room users should target platforms that cater to their own hobbies or interests. If you have a specific goal that you wish to accomplish through these communications, using the right platform is critical. People who are seeking new dating conquests should not be confronted with new marketing opportunities and aspiring entrepreneurs should avoid platforms that are dedicated to fostering short-term romantic connections.

Choosing A Fee-Based Site

Many live chat room users agree that some of the best virtual environments for connecting and communicating with others are comprised of people who have paid a fee to gain access. These tends to weed out chat participants who lack similar goals and interests. It ensures that everyone is basically working towards the same goal and that communication will remain conducive to success. This is especially true in the dating industry but it is also a vital factor to consider when using chat rooms to get fitness tips or new business ideas. Fee-based platforms tend to be far more productive than those that allow anyone to join for free.

Create Your Own Groups

Some of the latest innovations in the traditional chat room design include the ability for users to create their own interest-specific groups and idea forums. Thus, participants who seem to make deeper connections than others can pull away from general forums and meet up for more in-depth discussions on niche-specific interests. Not only does this give compatible individuals a chance to dig deeper into the topics that they wish to explore, but it also frees up general discussions for topics that everyone will find agreeable. The ability to form these groups can help a live chat room to maintain a pleasant and easy-going vibe and it also keeps discussion threads organized and easy to access.

Web Cam Interaction

The more high-tech that a live chat room is, the more that users will invariably enjoy it. Being able to meet up with fellow forum users face to face, is a great addition to this virtual communication medium. This is certainly true of dating platforms that have live chat capabilities, but it also works great for those with an interest in fitness, business, holistic health or any other subject. Ultimately, it is best to seek out a live chat room that offers a comprehensive user experience.

The Ability To Create A Comprehensive Profile

When using a live chat room, you also want to have the ability to create a comprehensive personal profile. This is the hallmark of truly brilliant chat rooms. It does not detract significantly from the sense of anonymity that people enjoy when communicating in these spaces, but it does allow users to share a sufficient amount of personal information for ensuring that they are connecting with the right people. The ability to upload avatars and details about personal preferences can significantly enhance your experiences in a live chat room.

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    Neediness in a relationship is not normally a good thing. In fact, being too needy can cause relationships to fall apart. For those dealing with a needy person, they can see it as immature, making them question the worth of the relationship. Now, to some extent, neediness exists in all relationships. Of course, there is […]

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