Reviving a Flagging Relationship

Every relationship experiences rough times when dating but that doesn’t mean that the relationship has to end. There are ways that you can get your relationship back on the right track and enjoy the time that you have together instead of just tossing the relationship away.

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The two of you will have to make changes in your relationship in order for the relationship to change. If one of you isn’t a good listener then that person needs to focus more on listening and hearing what their partner is saying. For the partner that does all of the talking, they may need to think about the things that they are saying before speaking. Sometimes something as simple as the approach that a person takes can make drastic and positive changes in a relationship.

Set time aside for just the two of you, have dinner together without friends or relatives so that it is just the two of you. Do nice things for each other, they don’t have to be expensive or extravagant things. Simple things will make a big impact on relationships such as picking up a favourite dessert, scheduling an unexpected lunch date or just spontaneously suggesting to see a film that you have both wanted to see.

Share the power, one partner shouldn’t hold all of the power in the relationship. Hoarding power is a certain way of causing a relationship to self destructs. In order to make the relationship more of a team effort decisions should be made by both partners whether it’s deciding on where to eat, trips to take or even financial matters. For the partner that has been hoarding the power, he or she may find that they are more relaxed in the relationship when they aren’t making all of the decisions. Sharing power and responsibilities can make a dating relationship much more enjoyable and stress-free.

Passing judgment on your partner can also cause tension in the relationship. Before judging your partner examine how important the issue is that you are having a problem with. You will find that many times it really isn’t that big of an issue and by letting it go you can avoid a lot of heartaches. Serious issues need to be discussed with both partners talking and listening to the other partner.

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In a dating relationship, you may find that spending too much time together isn’t the answer to your problems. The two of you may find that you don’t need to spend every waking moment together in order to strengthen your relationship. You both need to be able to have your own identities and do the things that you enjoy doing even if it’s not with each other. It’s alright for him to go to the ballgame with his buddies and for you to go to the mall with your girlfriends. Meeting up later will give you the opportunity to talk about your days and enjoy each others company in good spirits.

Dating can be difficult if one partner is too demanding or too controlling. Keep your relationship fresh and positive so that it is more enjoyable for both of you.


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